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STE-15 Hot Melt Pump

Manual single hose gunning systems are ideal for small to medium manufacturers. Two independent digital thermal control systems ensure that the material is uniformly heated and dispensed. Built-in features ensure that pump activation occurs only within a predefined temperature range to protect against system damage.
  • 1/2'' x 8' heated hose with dispense gun and choice of nozzle.
  • Digital PID control system
  • Hopper capacity: 15 lbs.
  • Maximum flow: 2 lbs. per minute.
  • Highly visible LED temperature read-outs.
  • Approximate dimensions: 22.5'' x 18'' x 21'' (57cm x 46cm x 53cm).
  • Shipping weight: 95 lbs.
  • 220/440V available.
  • Capable of sealing up to 100 units per 8 hour shift.